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Make your intelligent SAP supply chain even smarter with INLAI – powered by TUP, AIM and prismat.

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AI – the next step

Due to the rapid developments in recent months, everybody is talking about artificial intelligence now. It is no longer about humans learning to communicate like computers, but about computers learning to communicate like humans.

We are here to enable our warehouse logistics customers to get involved in these new developments and implement Intelligent Logistics with AI. We are working with so-called real AI, i.e. a solution that independently learns from and with your supply chain management.

Our vision

1. Access to the value of your process data

Your warehouse management system already works with vast amounts of data. We use Artificial Intelligence to help you leverage this treasure trove of data. An AI is able to recognize patterns, correlations as well as potentials in processes so minute that humans can no longer see them. It then uses these findings for forecasts and recommendations.

2. The competent use of artificial intelligence

According to the principles of »Explainable AI« logistics professionals should not only be able to access the AI-generated data quickly and easily, but also comprehend the reasoning behind the results and participate in the further development of the AI. Human experience should merge with the strengths of real-time analytics to make the intelligent supply chain even smarter.

3. Fast and sustainable integration

Each warehouse management system combines complex processes and process units, is part of a larger overall system and is different for each company. This also applies to standard solutions such as SAP EWM. Despite this, INLAI’s solution aspires to be an easily applicable and flexible »Software as a Service« solution to be integrated easily into your WMS. To be able to achieve this we utilize cloud services as well as our experiences across all industries regarding SAP integration and the corresponding standard interfaces.

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INLAI is combined expertise

The cooperation between TUP, prismat and AIM unites comprehensive intralogistics know-how, in-depth SAP expert knowledge as well as a tried and proven toolbox of AI-based solution modules to unlock new potentials and take the optimization of logistics and warehouse processes to the next level.

TUP is a leading software provider for intralogistics. With many years of market experience, the company offers a broad repertoire of market-proven best-practice modules and in-depth expertise.

prismat GmbH specializes in SAP solutions for logistics. The medium-sized company was founded in 1991 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund and has successfully implemented more than 200 SAP projects at well-known companies covering a wide range of application scenarios.

AIM has been pioneering industrial AI, machine learning, Smart Data and DevOps solutions since 2015. The company’s goal is to support industrial companies by creating data-driven business processes in logistics, production and maintenance with artificial intelligence.


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